The PopUp Domination WordPress Plugin could be the newest, and first, plugin released by Michael Dunlop, an adolescent online entrepreneur who blogs about producing money online and generating your individual wealth.

What are the plugin is made for

It's for WordPress bloggers who have a contact newsletter and wishes to enhance their subscription rate.

Just what it does

When the plugin is installed and activated, it'll pop up a regular membership box every time a person visits your blog, however, you are able to configure how many times it's shown to the same person. Many people love to pop-up your box each time someone visits your blog, returning or not.

Personally, I wouldn't enjoy that, for the reason that as being a blogger, We've many returning visitors who like to discuss my blog and they have no need to keep getting hit with my pop-up. My preferred settings are showing your box to everyone to start with and then show it in their eyes again after 1 week.

Furthermore, I prefer to wait to show the popup until after they've been on my site for around 20 seconds. I do this must be a really successful niche marketer informed me once that maybe what they've found works best for them. The reasoning behind it was how the individuals who stay longer than 5 seconds are most likely thinking about that which you have to give you.

Why does the popup domination plugin work so well?

I've definitely seen an increase in subscriber rate in my newsletter since using this plugin.

The plugin appears to work so well because the popup templates which you are supplied with the superiority and are also visually pleasing in your visitor.

PopUp Domination Options

As of the writing as soon as i've, the plugin contains the following settings available:

  • 4 different pop-up templates to choose from
  • Multiple selections for the template and button colors
  • Easy embedding of the many of the popular subscriber list services (MailChimp, AWeber, etc.)
  • Customization of text shown about the popup
  • Permits you to add quick summary sentences
  • Schedule when apparent to visitors
  • Advanced settings where pros can edit a website and CSS files
Lana Lan may be using and blogging with WordPress since 2007. Check how he's customized the PopUp Domination  on his blog you bet he's put on the extender to raise the speed at which people sign up to his newsletter.